Crea Cell Complex

  • CREATINE MONOHYDRATE – BAVARIA  is the best for a reason. Specifically formulated for those looking to pack on lean muscle, BAVARIA  is a scientifically engineered, 3rd gen creatine formula featuring a clinically validated blend of creatine plus carbs
  • MUSCLE BUILDER – Every scoop delivers 5g of HPLC-certified creatine monohydrate, which helps reduce recovery time between sets, amplify strength and build more lean muscle
  • MUSCLE RECOVERY – Creatine is found naturally in the muscle cells and helps your muscles produce energy during heavy lifting or HIIT exercise
  • BCAAs AMINO ACIDS – Quickly digested and absorbed, this formula supplies a 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, plus taurine and alanine – two of the most abundant amino acids in muscles, which aid in cell volumizing


Primary Supplement Type Creatine
Item Form Powder
Item Weight 1.5 Pounds
Special Ingredients Creatine
Diet Type Gluten Free
Product Benefits Energy Management, Muscle Growth



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